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About Diversity Best Practices

Diversity Best Practices, a division of Working Mother Media, is the preeminent organization for mid to large size organizational diversity thought leaders to share best practices and develop innovative solutions for culture change. Through research, resources, benchmarking, publications and events, Diversity Best Practices offers organizational members information and strategies on how to implement, grow, measure and create first-in-class diversity programs.

Diversity Best Practices offers:

  • Timely resource materials that provide useful data and content to build knowledge
  • Tools to implement diversity programs that meet the unique needs of a company
  • Insight on the best practices and strategies employed by companies that have created highly successful internal diversity strategies and innovative solutions
  • Access to diverse human and informational resources that help companies execute their diversity initiatives.
  • Annually, we accomplish this by offering Diversity Best Practices member organizations access to quarterly best practice sessions, issue-focused Web seminars, networking and educational events and insightful publications and research.

WE Meet You Where You Are on Your Diversity Journey

Diversity Best Practices is focused on developing knowledge about member company cultures, business models, market strategies, diversity opportunities and challenges. We rigorously gather insights, research trends and bring practical knowledge to our member companies everyday. We meet you where you are and work in partnership to take you where you want to go with an eye on your success and your company’s success. We understand that developing successful diversity management requires an ongoing, strategically driven effort, not a one-time or one-technique driven approach.

At Diversity Best Practices, we help translate knowledge into efficient, focused actions. Diversity Best Practices solutions are practical and proven. Our benchmarking content emphasizes not just what to do, but how to do it—from identifying target opportunities to understanding key issues. Our solutions are fast and flexible to match the various needs of our client organizations.

OUR People

Our team includes an impressive group of industry-focused diversity relationship managers, researchers, senior practitioners, consultants, counsel members and committees from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and professional experience.

A WEALTH of Materials

Our research-based benchmarking content builds the knowledge and provides the tools needed to provide diversity solutions that meet the unique needs of our member companies, with off-the-shelf speed and efficiency to motivate and sustain business diversity performance. Our library of best practices present documented strategies and tactics employed by highly admired companies that have been implemented and honed to help place their practitioners as the most admired, the most profitable, and the keenest competitors in business. Our library is your passport to a wealth of insight.

ACCESS for All

Our vision is to be the best in the world at linking organizations to people, companies and solutions through diversity and inclusion. Furthering diversity thought and innovation throughout an organization requires engagement of a company’s leaders at all levels. Leading diversity is not a role for just one person and neither is our corporate membership. All employees of Diversity Best Practices member companies are afforded access to our library of materials, topical web seminars and member best practice sessions.

THE Power & Versatility of a Strategic Knowledge Network

The ability to access knowledge networks with speed, skill and global reach is becoming a critical component of any organization’s competitive advantage. In today’s information-driven economy, leaders have an urgency to capitalize on the most relevant knowledge available. Being part of the Diversity Best Practices network of senior diversity practitioners provides you and your company with access to diverse human and informational resources to execute your diversity work.


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Diversity Best Practices is located at 2 Park Avenue, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10016. Reach us by phone at 212-219-7438. Visit the Contact Us page to send us an email.

Team Members

  • Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Working Mother Media, Diversity Best Practices
  • Executive Director
  • Content Director
  • Senior Director, Global Member Engagement
  • Donnice Peterson
    Member Services & Research Analyst