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Let Diversity Best Practices help your company target its strengths and weaknesses with the newly designed DBP Inclusion Index. The DBP Inclusion Index has been developed to provide tools and resources to help companies target efforts to understand demographic gaps and raise the bar on D&I activities. The survey results will:

  • Identify best practices and opportunities to leverage D&I efforts to achieve strategic and business goals.
  • Provide data to help assess company’s current position across multiple dimensions of diversity.
  • Provide information to index current D&I policies, procedures, and activities vs. other participants, and target interventions for maximum impact.

You can now register for the 2018 Index and the Working Mother Annual Application that combines FOUR applications into one, INCLUDING the DBP Inclusion Index, here. That application opens December 18, 2017.

To see a list of the 2017 Index Companies click here.


Companies will be recognized on the DBP Inclusion Index as meeting standards of excellence in three areas:

  • Transparency, as indicated by willingness to share specific data on representation of women, people of color, and other minority groups within their workforces. (30%)
  • Adherence to best practices for fostering diversity and inclusion in recruitment, retention and advancement. (35%)
  • Best practices in promoting a company culture that values D&I. (35%)


Sample "report card" for a Leading Index Company



Access to one of a kind D&I benchmarking data

  • Assess your current position vs competitors and in the marketplace
  • Identify opportunities for remediation and improvement
  • Target D&I activity to close gaps and achieve goals

An assessment of your company’s efforts vs best in class D&I practices, as recognized by DBP

  • Identify next practice ideas, solutions, and tools for action
  • Focus resources to those D&I policies, procedures and activities most likely to result in a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace
  • Receive recognition for participating in the new DBP Index

You can now register for the 2018 Index and the Working Mother Annual Application that combines FOUR applications into one, including the DBP Inclusion Index here. That application opens December 18, 2017.

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You can learn more about the benefits of the Inclusion Index and pricing information here.

View our recent web seminar about the new DBP Inclusion Index to learn more about what to expect directly from the DBP research team.

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