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Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups are a critical piece of an organization’s diversity and inclusion strategy. Here at Diversity Best Practices it is important to us to ensure that ERG leaders have the resources they need to support their ERG and to drive change at their organizations. To help you navigate the plethora of resources we have on our website, we have pulled out the most relevant and up to date resources and shared them here.

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What is an ERG and why are they important?

The first employee resource groups were actually “Workplace Affinity Groups,” created in response to racial strife of the 1960s. Joseph Wilson, the celebrated former Xerox CEO, developed the concept following race riots in Rochester, NY in 1964. Wilson and his black employees designed and launched the National Black Employees Caucus in 1970 to address racial tension and the issue of workplace discrimination.

The traditional definition of an ERG is an “employer-recognized group of employees who share the concerns of a common race, gender, national origin or sexual orientation--characteristics protected in some instances by law and in many organizations as matter of company policy.” Although we use employee resource groups and/or ERGs to refer to these groups on this page, we should point out that organizations use many different names for them including business resource groups, employee networks and team member networks, just to name a few.

In the past 10 to 15 years, employee resource groups began to prove that they were also business assets by demonstrating their value in recruitment and retention, marketing, brand enhancement, training, and employee development. Top management of some companies began to view their ERGs as instrumental to the success of their businesses. This opinion is proliferating as corporations become more global and populations and workforces more diverse.


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